Tisha McCollum – United States Navy Veteran

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Tisha McCollum

Palmetto Warrior Connection (PWC) recently met with Tisha McCollum, a Navy Veteran who served from 1991 to 1995 as an Aviation Electrician, to hear her story.

Upon returning from her service term in the Navy, Tisha was able to work as an insurance agent for six years, be a team leader for a financial institution, and work in the salon industry. She successfully became licensed to provide many services. Unfortunately, when an unhealthy long-term relationship came to an end, Tisha found herself solely responsible for her four children. Two of which have gone off to college. Tisha currently cares and provides for her two other teenage children, one has been diagnosed with ADHD and the other, with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a single mother, struggling with PTSD, depression, and her own transition from Warrior to civilian life, providing for kids who also have disabilities can feel like a nearly impossible task. Eventually, Tisha and her children found themselves homeless.

Tisha reached out to Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) and was soon able to move into an apartment with their help but was having to pay the full rent amount. Until, she recently received a voucher that reduced her rent cost to a more affordable price. Hurricane Matthew then stormed through Charleston, causing Tisha and her family to have to pay for a hotel room and food because of a mandatory evacuation protocol. This caused imposed a serious financial loss for her family and impacted her ability to afford utilities, such as water, for her home.

Tisha reached out to PWC for assistance with the financial burdens that were caused by the hurricane. PWC Housing Advocate, Jason Myers, helped raise funds for Tisha’s utility and water bills for her home. She said that she is “looking forward to whatever services [we] offer that can help me and my children” since she is a returning Veteran, “disabled and in need of assistance.”

Tisha remarks that her success is in the form of peace of mind. She feels much more relieved, relaxed, and motivated since PWC was able to help her get back on track with her bills. She feels “hopeful and grateful” that she will find her way to success and is thankful that PWC was able to clear a path for her to make improvements in her life for herself and her children.

Tisha said, “I’m not where I want to be as far as success but I am on my way and thanks to you [PWC] my vision is a little more clear to know that help is out there, and that there are people out there who care about people like me.”

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