Peter Rodriguez – Marine Coprs Veteran

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Palmetto Warrior Connection (PWC) followed up with Peter, a Marine Corps Veteran, who we were able to assist this past summer.

After Peter was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps he was diagnosed with extreme anxiety and stress, which in turn put his heart out of rhythm. The VA was able to assess him and later determined that it was because of his military career that he was experiencing these hardships. Peter ended up having two heart surgeries, knee sculpting surgery, and also suffers from severe anxiety on a daily bases, but that didn’t stop him.

Peter originally reached out to Palmetto Warrior Connection to avoid falling into homelessness. After purchasing a home, he later found it uninhabitable and needed help getting back on his feet while struggling with his disability. PWC was able to provide Peter with services to try to fix his home and he later asked for help in finding employment.

“I was always proactively looking for work, but it was good to be a part of an organization that many people have respect for…When they ask for references and calling here [PWC] just makes you look like a better qualified candidate” Peter said. PWC in conjunction with Palmetto Goodwill’s Work Force Development Team worked to get Peter multiple interviews, but he was finding it difficult to land the job due to his pending heart surgery.

Peter was able to set up his last interview on his own and is now happily employed at Palmetto Place Condominiums in Mount Pleasant as the Maintenance Supervisor. Peter stated that “Even though I set up that interview on my own, you guys [PWC] stayed in touch with me throughout the process, asking ‘How are you doing? How’s work? Did you find work? Do you need anything or any references?’ PWC was helping me from day one.”

“You just gotta keep a positive attitude because there are two directions you can go: you can be a disable veteran who doesn’t see their disability as a weakness and conquer it, or you can go the opposite way. I took the high road… I have a great job, I have everything actually going for me. I have good income coming in, I am blessed to have a roof over my head, this [Peter’s housing situation] is just a temporary setback, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Palmetto Warrior Connection is happy to announce that after getting approved for a VA construction loan, Peter will begin working with a contractor to build a new home and will be able to move in in just a few short months.

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