Who is Palmetto Warrior Connection?

Palmetto Warrior Connection (PWC), granted by America’s Warrior Partnership® and in collaboration with Palmetto Goodwill, is to be the first stop for Palmetto State Veterans for a holistic approach to care. PWC is part of a national community integration initiative headed by America’s Warrior partnership (AWP). This Community Integration program is an initiative that seeks to build self-sustaining organizations that serve the Warrior as well as their local community. As part of this program, PWC follows the AWP national model of Connect, Educate, Advocate, and Collaborate in order to bridge the gap between warrior and civilian life.

Our Mission is to empower the Warrior and their family utilizing collaboration, advocacy and education by promoting relentless quality care.

National Model:

Connect: Find and link Warriors to the PWC network of resources          

Educate: Inform Warriors of the services and opportunities available

Advocate: Ensure Warriors receive the support they have earned    

Collaborate: Work with partners at all levels to facilitate total Warrior Care


 Palmetto Warrior Connection’s programs cannot continue without your generous support!

You can make a difference in the lives of veterans in your community!


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