Jason Myers

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Veterans Housing Advocate

Jason is our Veterans Housing Advocate! Jason Joined the Army at 28 years old in 2005, out of desire to serve God and our Country. He had a ministry background as a youth pastor prior to joining the Army. That background served him well at his first assignment in Belgium. He served as the US army Nato headquarters Brigade Chaplain Assistant position. Moving toward a career as a Chaplain, Jason entered into the Candidate Program PCSing to Fort Eustis and beginning his Masters of Divinity in Chaplain Ministry.
He was ordained and accessed as a Chaplain in 2010. His next assignment was to oversee the Chaplain Candidate Career progression at the 99th Regional Support Command, where he was promoted to Strong Bonds Director position for the Army’s strong Bonds Program. Captain Myers oversaw the Army reserve’s premier resiliency program for the entire North East, to include 60,000 Soldiers in a 13 state footprint. He would hold the same position at the 81st Regional Support Command before moving onto a reserve TPU Capacity. During his time at the Reginal Support Command’s. he performed 6 casualty notifications along with other ministry obligations. He completed two units of Clinical Pastoral Education to include 600 hours in a hospital setting. His top awards include two ARCOM’s, MSM. Currently, Jason works as a housing advocate for Palmetto Warrior Connection, connecting Veterans to the appropriate resources for self-sustainment. Jason has been serving for 11 years. 

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